Tuesday, July 17, 2007

11 Days and Counting

Exactly 11 days remain to my next birthday and my wife and I going to Florida on vacation. Looking forward to it, but its means an unfortunately busy week between now and then.

Mean Streets has updated again with another pre-character back story. I am having tons of fun concocting full back stories for these characters, but with Jack Flash I had to do the first editing history, as I didn’t want to give away all his secrets right away.

I will have at least one or 2 more character profiles before Mean Streets, the story, starts up at the end of the month, post-vacation.

Still haven’t gotten to Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix but my wife gave it a startlingly good review considering her dislike for the previous films. Lord knows it can’t suck as bad as Prisoner of Azkaban did. I still can’t believe that people still like that pile of stank, diarrhetic donkey poo.

After Potter only two must sees remain for me in this busy summer: the I have watched the show for 19 years and should really know what happens already Simpsons Movie and the movie I have waited for years to see come to fruition (and with one of my favorite actresses Claire Danes in it!): Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

New Grendel is coming to comics very soon and to make things even better, Matt Wagner has just been announced as Dynamite’s new Zorro book. I am a HUGE Zorro fan, and Wagner is the perfect choice to help resuscitate the character for modern readers (especially since he can use Isabel Allende’s excellent novel from a year or two back as its basis).

Enough rambling for today. More late I’m sure.

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