Thursday, July 5, 2007

100 times better than Armageddon

I saw Transformers on Tuesday. Proved to be a really solid flick. Not exactly the classic characters, but close enough to make a really engaging story. I honestly don’t understand the people unwilling to give it a chance at all based on its differences from the 80’s show, as Hasbro has never been shy about restructuring their characters over and over and over again.

It has flaws: a few two many one-lines, a little too much product placement, John Turturro just going too over the top. Oh, and Optimus Prime, voiced by the great Peter Cullen, should never, ever say “My bad”. But the action was great, the Transformers were well voiced, the effects were spot on, and Shia LeBeuof makes a great Whitwicky.

And I was happy to see that a lot of parents were apparently able to figure out from the previews this ain’t a flick for the really young ones. I didn’t see anyone under maybe 9 in the theatre.

Oh, and everyone should worry less about Bumblebee being a Camaro and try to figure out why he’s kind of a dick. Anyway, I recommend it. Probably the best actioner I have seen this summer (so far, still have to get to Live Free or Die Hard), so get out and check it out (oh, and you can see where this blog’s title originated).

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Optimus Fanboi said...

Bay's best flick to date. Big effing robots are too hard to beat. Toss in the original voice for Optimus Prime and you have guaranteed an Oscar.