Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Busy Weekend

So I was interrupted at work at about Sunday morning at 4 am by a call from my wife to let me know the stomach pain she had felt Saturday night was getting worse. So I had to rush home, pick up my wife and daughter, drop my wife off at the emergency room, and head back to work with my kid. So thanks to my supervisor Sharon for that, as I really didn’t have anything else I could do with Hannah.

So after about 4 hours of my daughter coloring 20 feet away from where I worked, I finished up at work and head back to the hospital where, within minutes of our arrival, Gloria was officially diagnosed with appendicitis. Within an hour she was in surgery and I found myself having to take Monday and Tuesday off work to spend with Hannah while her mommy was in the hospital. And it pretty much proves to me I would go crazy as a single father.

Gloria is home and feeling better now. She should be as good as new within another week or so. But yeah, it was an exercise in stress management if ever I had one.

Back to work on Thursday night/Friday morning after four days of sleeping under a normal schedule. Wish me luck.

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