Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New story up at Metahuman Press

Well, despite all the time I have invested in the glory that is Divine Divinity, I still have found time to post my special Halloween story and debut of a all-new character from the upcoming revised and expanded Champion City.

My Name is Charon features an all-new dark hero that walks the streets of the ever-dark Shadowside, just on the outskirts of greater Federation (a.k.a. “Champion City”). Charon is one of my favorite creations of the last year or so, and he should help a great deal in expanding the development of the Quadrant Universe over the next year or so. Be sure to check the story out, and as always stop by here or the forums to let me know what you thought of it. I also would love thoughts on the logo for the story, as well as all the others I have debuted over the last month.

I have plans for a new Charon story or two over the next year, although I expect them to post at more random intervals, as Timeline will start updating quarterly next year as the new “fifth week“ title for 2008. (For those who don’t know, fifth week refers to the final week of the four months of every year that have five Wednesdays in them.) I have plans to debut several all-new characters, many of which will play parts in various other projects, both prose and comic, that I have in the works right now. I haven’t decided exactly what four stories to use first but here are a few names to look forward to: Captain Mettle, The Challenge Squad (who were already featured in Timeline 1962: UFO), Newgen, Rocketman, The Aviator, Uplift (featuring Wave and hints to the origins of Epsilon), The Robot, Defenders of Democracy, The Natural, Freakman, The Westar Kid, The New Minutemen, Geneva, Dr. Cosmic, and several more. This is one of the projects I have been moving towards for several years, so stay tuned for more information about the first of these projects, which will debut on January 30.

That’s all for now and for the month of October, where I have finally started to get my blog posting skills back up to par. Everyone enjoy the rest of their Halloween!

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