Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back in action

So, yeah, I suck. I admit it. Here’s the thing. Life has been throwing shit at me left and right for what seems like weeks. Now, I guess what I really should be doing is blog about it, but I just don’t have it in me sometimes.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve put over $800 in to the car. Income tax return? What income tax return? Seriously though, most of the return went under our hood, with the final part magically blossoming in to this laptop I am typing on today. Yes, despite the crap with my car, I did manage to eak out a new computer between phase one ($600 alternator and battery) and phase two ($200 new belt on the engine). Economically, I am going to feel the pinch of this beauty over the next month or six weeks, but I will maintain through March with just a slice of bread and an ounce of water, approximately. And I still have Girl Scouts to pay for from my daughter.

Speaking of the rug rat, Hannah has been down with a nasty virus all weekend. Gloria finally succumbed and took her to the Urgent Care today, and $15 later they informed us to just keep a close eye on the kid’s fever and keep doing what we were doing. At least it’s not pneumonia like I worried it might be.

Now that I have this handy portable device and it will be with me at my glorious job that gives me ever so much reading time, I plan on starting to blog more with reviews of various comics, books, DVDs, games, movies, TV shows, etcetera.

The first, for GØDLAND #21, should be right above this one.

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