Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comic Review: GØDLAND 21

It took what seemed like a year (and probably was close to it), but it’s good to see GØDLAND finally moving forward again. I sincerely love this book and its Starlin or Englehart-esque vibe. But the wait between issues has been ridiculous at times.

I can see why though. Tom Scioli’s art has evolved issue by issue. His females finally look female (my only real complaint ever about his work), and his layouts are strengthening. I sense a lot of Peter Laird in his current work, especially Laird’s own Kirby-influenced Stupid Heroes. I don’t know if is purposeful or coincidental, but I for one love it.

Joe Casey is (almost) always on the ball with his writing, and this issue was no exception. I especially appreciate the density that came with this issue. Some issues I have devoured in five minutes or less, which seems odd for the cosmic being-style storyline, but not this one. Most of the book was six to nine panel grids. I know a lot of folks love the whole modern, manga-style three or four panel layout, but give me a big, dense book like this for my $2.99, and I’m a happy reader.

As a side note, I want to also say great work on both Scioli and Casey’s contributions to the Next Issue Project. I especially enjoyed Scioli’s take on classic space opera storytelling, even if it was quite tongue in cheek.

Anyway, here’s hoping for many more issues to come of this great project. And please, please, please, keep it coming at an almost monthly pace. I hate having to wait months between my tastes of cosmic goodness.

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