Sunday, February 3, 2008

The right team won

So I am by no means any kind of football analyst, but having watched the Super Bowl this year I can’t help but think the New York Giants win was perfect.

They didn’t have a perfect season and they weren’t the best put together team money could buy. But they were a team with heart and fire and they pulled out a win against what some have called “the greatest team in NFL history”. I personally call them cheaters (their video-taping on the sidelines earlier this season) and crybabies (especially when it comes to whiny challenges made to the refs). Well New England, you may have had a “perfect” regular season, but that doesn’t matter a lick if you cannot win the big one.

So congratulations are in order for New York and even though they beat my Super Bowl favorites (Green Bay), I have to say you deserve it. The better team truly did win.

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