Friday, June 13, 2008

Flood of '08: Another day, still risin'

Sorry about the lack of updates overnight. The river continues to ride here in CR. It’s slowing now, but for quite awhile was rising at the rate of 2 inches an hour. We are fast approaching 32 feet which is at or near crest. One of the two hospitals, both of which are 6 to 7 blocks from the so-called 500 year flood plane (that is the plane that it rose to back in 1993) is now taking on water and closed. Mercy will be closed indefinitely now. The other hospital, St. Lukes, is at the top of a hill only about three blocks away, but it looks like it will survive.

I am about 8 blocks from that location, again uphill, but I have to say it is not without some trepidation. Our basement remains dry however, and that is a good sign that we will be all right for the long run.

I did just take a look National Weather Service site of our flood information and the depressing part is how slow the water will lower. It will take a full week for the water to just drop to the levels it was on Thursday night. And that is not even counting the fact that several levees were broken as well. But the current prediction is a full week just to lower down in to Major stage. That’s a week before most of the flooded areas can even be reentered.

I will continue to update as I can. My internet connection seems all right still and as long as I have it, I will keep posting. While 14,000 houses are without power in this county, I count myself lucky that we are still in such great shape.

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