Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flood of '08: Disaster Watch

So I haven’t written much on this blog for the last couple months as I am still considering how to reformat it for my slowly developing revised version of Metahuman Press. None of that really matters right now as I have something more important I thought I would chronicle.

Welcome to the second “500 Year Flood” in Iowa history. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that 500 Year Floods are supposed to occur only every 500 years or so. And unless my math is pretty bad, it's only been fifteen. Yeah, just checked on my computer. Definitely 2008, not 2493.

Anyway, large portions of several cities have already been washed away. Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and smaller towns like New Hartford and Palo are gone. Others like Iowa City, Coralville, and my own Cedar Rapids are just entering the danger zone.

Record rain levels are to blame. We have already surpassed the crest level from 1993 and it is only going to get worse over the next day or two, even as it continues to rain outside.

Downtown, where I work for UrRelay, has been evacuated. Relay call centers cannot shut down without possibly losing their license. So we’ve all went to college. Mt. Mercy College to be exact. Servers, computers, people, extras, everything that we could need have found their way from a full-sized facility downtown and in to a one class room operation at the collge. It’s; cramped, messy, downright insane, but functional nonetheless.

Water levels are only going to keep rising as the rain falls. Pray for all the fine folks in the errors evacuating.

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