Monday, June 16, 2008

Flood of 2008: Update Monday... early

Iowa City still lies in danger, while the flood levels continue to fall in Cedar Rapids. We have dropped out eight feet in the last couple days which means we are in good shape for an early drop below flood stage. It is still predicted around Friday, but we will see what is going on.

I am thoroughly amazed at everything going on at UrRelay to keep thinks operational here at Mt. Mercy College. We are expanding in to a second room in the building and our tech boys are working like monkeys od’ing on caffeine. But they are setting us up with one wild temporary call center... which will almost certainly be gone within a week or two when we move to a more secure temporary location. It has been a wild and crazy experience.

In other flood related news, Father’s Day is postponed this year, at least in my household, as we have left Hannah at Grandma’s house for another week while the flood subsides a little more. On the brightside the city has opened another water center, which means we can now use water every other day. So even numbered houses get to use water on even days, odd numbered houses on odd days. So, yes, I am looking forward to a shower in another 7 hours or so.

Enough for now. Thanks for all the prayers, well wishes, and the such from everyone.

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