Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick Flood Update

Not much to report in the Cedar Rapids area. We are slowly but surely recovering. The downtown area is being stripped bare of carpets, walls, and insulation as the first steps of clean up are underway. It is going to be a slow build but we will get it done. Cedar Rapids is not the kind of town to quit.

As for UrRelay, it looks like we will be moving to another temporary location, something a bit more stable than a college, until all the renovations can be made downtown. It will be a mess and an adventure all rolled in to one.

Now my prayers go out to all the folks that are facing record flooding a little father downstream, mostly on the Mississippi. Hopefully they can avoid some of the devastation we felt here as the floods continue to be big problems all throughout the Midwest.

Now just like in 1993, it looks like we may be heading in to a drought post-flood. Let’s hope we can avoid that, as no one wants any more price hikes on corn and soybeans.

That’s all for now. I will be back with a few more comments on the flood eventually as things continue to develop.

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