Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Living Legends 16 Notes

After last chapter, Isobel feels some ill effects of her late night rendevous. Look for this subplot to move forward quickly after the action in Riccapoor wraps up.

The Coward has already made an appearance in Tales of the Living Legends but it is right here that his role starts coming to the forefront of our story. Expect to see more of him in the months ahead.

Silver Streak was a rather weak character that debuted in the same title that gave us the Golden Age Daredevil. I hope to strengthen the character’s history a bit by making the name the first full-fledged legacy character of the series.

Yes, the cast is just getting bigger. AJ, Emma, and a few of these kids are an important part of the ongoing subplot featuring Dominique. More on that in future chapters.

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Hydrargentium said...

Hey, Nick. Nice touch with Dominique's reference to "ovens". Puts her firmly in the hideously horrible category, without really hitting us over the head with it.