Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almost Super Powered: R.I.P. Michael Jackson

A somber weekend in the household as I have been listening to and enjoying the works of the late Michael Jackson. Jackson is famed for being a life-long comic fan and was known to frequent shops until the day he died. It was just a few days ago I posted one of these for Mitsuharu Misawa. I shouldn’t have to post another one so soon.

Despite all the questions about his actions outside of entertainment (and I personally of the opinion that someone found not guilty of a crime should be given the benefit of the doubt), MJ was an amazing entertainer and he reshaped the world of entertainment across the board. No one innovated music and video the way he did, and no one ever will again.

Fifty is way too young for anyone to die. God rest his soul.

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Matthew K. said...

Nice tribute. No doubt, he was a strange cat, but the amount of art he left behind is staggering, and will be appreciated even more as the years go by.