Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Quite Super-Powered Fiction: Blood Groove

Alex Bledsoe does exactly what any new author wishes to do in a debut novel: he engrosses the reader in his world. Blood Groove takes an almost stale concept (vampires) and reinvigorates it by changing the setting to somewhere you would never suspect (1975 Memphis). In the process we are introduced to supernatural creatures not unlike a superhero.

The story’s lead is Baron Rodolfo Zginski, a nineteenth century vampire poorly staked and awoken again in 1975. As he explores his strange new surroundings, he quickly begins interacting with both the young vampires and the humans of modern day Memphis.

These vampires take a little bit after their Twilight brethren, but without the love and angst or the sparkles. But they do walk during the day (although severely weakened) and one even holds down a job. This creates a freeing range of motion for the characters as they interact in an ever tightening web.

Blood Groove takes its setting of Seventies-era Memphis and runs with it. Bledsoe does a perfect job of keeping the tone pitch perfect for the time period, but never lets it stomp over telling a good story.

A solid story, a great setting, and fascinating characters... Blood Groove is a great story for vampire and super-powered fiction fans alike. Check it out. Recommended.

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