Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super-Powered Wrestling: R.I.P. Mitsuharu Misawau

I am not really all that familiar with Mitsuhara Misawa. His history in All Japan Pro Wrestling, the formation of Pro Wrestling NOAH, his rise to prominence as one of the best wrestler bookers in the world... all of it remains pretty much foreign to me. I have studied up on it recently, mostly do to the reason for this post.

Mitsuharu Misawa died last weekend. Saturday to be exact. He died in the ring after taking a belly to back suplex that caused spinal trauma. He was only 46.

Misawa will be a future subject of mine, as the cross pollination of my interests in superheroes and wrestling have lead me to review the career of the four wrestlers who have worn the Tiger Mask. Misawa was the second of these men to wear the mask, active in the second half of the nineties under the mask. It will still come to fruition, both on my super-powered and wrestling blogs, but it will remain down the line a bit.

Virtually unknown in America, Misawa is still a wrestling legend, especially among the so-called “smart” fans and professional wrestlers themselves. His legacy is a large one. His shoes will be impossible to fill. Tiger Mask or just a man, Mitsuharu Misawa was larger than life.

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