Friday, June 12, 2009

Super-Powered Web: It's Real, We're all Doomed!

Yep, that is a full, life-size (fifty-nine feet tall) Gundam right there. We are all going to die!

No, wait, supposedly, it doesn’t work. Except for lights and a moving head. I am sure Kim Jong-Il is breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Just to be safe, it would probably be best if the US military gets started on building the Exosquad: Season 1 immediately. Has J.T. Marsh even been born yet? Let’s hope so.

And sure, they were designed to fight in outer space against Martian super-men whose cause was just (although their decision to commit human genocide not-so-much). But I’m thinking that even a unit of like five to ten exo-suits can take out one Gundam. Besides that model Gundam has been obsolete for a good thirty years or so, ever since 0079.

Thanks to this site for the Gundam and this site for the Exo-Squad toy image.

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