Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super-Powered Web: The 8 Greatest Super-Powers of Michael Jackson

For one final time, Take the Helm will celebrate the life of Michael Jackson by looking back at his many videos and all the superhuman abilities he revealed to us in the process.

8. Iron Fist
Black Or White (original version)

Shown only in the original full length version of the video, Michael uses his vast martial arts ability to channel chi in to his fist and destroy an utterly defenseless motor vehicle. One would assume the same mystic techniques give him the ability to transform in to a panther as seen at the video’s end.

7. Group Emotion Control
Beat It

Michael shows up in the middle of a gang fight and makes short work of the sparring contestants as his mere presence is all it takes to stop the fight and convince everyone to group dance. Clearly MJ has the ability to control emotions on an outstanding level in order to exert such control.

6. Time Manipulation

In the lesser known video of MJ who not only halts the destruction caused by deforestation and war, he reverses it. He goes far as to revive a dead man in the hills of Croatia. This clearly is the most dangerous of Michael's abilities as it creates a worldwide wave of severe thunderstorms in its wake with winds powerful enough to even faze Michael. This severe weakness would seem to limit the power's usefulness in most settings.

5. Sand Control
Remember the Time

Having clearly used his time control powers to travel to ancient Egypt, Michael also reveals his ability to not only control the sand around him, but also alter his own body in to the substance, much like Marvel's Flint Marko. Unlike Sandman, Michael has the stealth and cleverness to use his powers to avoid the pharaoh's guards.

4. Teleportation
Black Or White

Supremely powerful in the Black Or White video, Michael also possesses the ability to teleport anywhere on the globe, even through flames and explosions. His abilities are instantaneous and he can do them without losing a step in his dance moves.

3. Speed Force
Smooth Criminal

Much like Wally West, Michael Jackson is clearly a master of the speed force. This can be clearly seen by not only his use of super speed but the fact that he can clearly pass the speed on to his associates. They all move so fast that we can barely see them move as they dance. All quite handy while fighting a future gestapo, or so I would suppose.

2. Light Control
Billie Jean

Michael’s every step, a flipped coin, a trash can, stairs, his every movement seems to cause the world around him to light up. He clearly can also use the power to create a flash effect, which he uses to escape a would-be P.I. He apparently can use the power to also refract the light around him, becoming invisible at will.

1. Lich King Transformation

Even in undeath, MJ possesses power beyond a mere singer. MJ proved in his arguably greatest video that even as a member of the undead he is supremely powerful. Clearly, Michael is no mere zombie but a supremely powerful lich. He not only summons dozens of undead minions but makes them perform elaborate dance moves.

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