Monday, February 16, 2009

The Complete Clone Saga Part 2: Back From the Edge

Yes, I know I owe everyone a review of both last week’s Heroes as well as the current one, but I am behind on my television. Expect reviews of both and the first episode of Dollhouse in the near future. In the mean time, enjoy a look back at a not-so-fondly remembered piece of comics history.

Back From the Edge takes the classic Spidey back in to the lead as he must deal with Nocturne and Puma. With May in the hospital, Peter is dealing with the grief and rage that her sickness causes. This puts him in to a rather annoying Wolverine-style bouts of berserker rage. It sets up the fight between the bestial Puma and the enraged Spidey which goes pretty much nowhere. Thankfully this only takes up the first half of the storyline...

And then we get in to a fight with Daredevil. He questions Daredevil about the “death” of Matt Murdock (part of the Fall From Grace storyline that I will get around to reviewing sooner or later). He wants to end his own secret identity behind, leave his family and friends, and fall in to his current rage. But a battle with Vulture and the Owl leaves him poisoned and quite possibly on the way to death... but that of course doesn’t happen. Daredevil and Spidey team up to go after Vulture and the Owl, get the antidote, and cure Peter. In the process, he realizes his rage is a mistake and heads home to find Mary Jane.

Pretty run of the mill Spider-stuff, with nothing clone-oriented going on... but wait until next time as The Exile Returns...

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