Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Epsilon 24 Notes

The penultimate chapter of the Nephthys storyline gives us even more large scale battle action!

We start with a small exchange between Rubicon and Wave that I thought would be important. The original Rubicon and Wave have quite a history (which we will get in to with our next story arc) and I thought the new Wave needed a hint of that relationship.

Bagheera once again finds himself away from the core team! How many times does this guy leave anyway? In his defense, at least this time he got teleported there as an attack, rather than leaving by choice.

Set and Athena learn a little bit more about all these characters with god names running around this storyline. I am only touching the edge of the Avatar concept in Epsilon. I have bigger plans for it in the future!

And we close again with Rubicon and Wave. Things sure look grim don’t they?

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