Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super Powered TV: Heroes 3-15: Trust and Blood

The entire episode seems to be in flashback form, as Nathan talks on the phone to a mystery party.

Mohinder, Parkman, and Hiro form one contingent of escapees. Meanwhile, Peter & Claire run head long in to Noah, gun drawn. Peter is allowed to run, Claire stays with her father, and the US military destroys the wreckage utterly to cover up the crash.

Parkman follows a vision of the African to an abandoned trailer. He retrieves the materials he needs to draw the future again. Mohinder tries to convince Hiro to leave in the mean time, but Hiro refuses.

Daphne finds Ando in Japan, and the two of them realize that they need to find their lost friends. They arrive quickly at the crash and start to worry. Daphne speeds in to camp and steals an already angry (at both her fathers) Claire from their midst.

Daphne is shot down by the enemy, and so is Claire... but Parkman takes control of a shooter and lays waste to the other gunmen before Danko, head of the attackers, shoots down his own man. Parkman is pulled away by Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder.

Mary and Luke Campbell receive an unfortunate visit from Sylar just a few doors down from the taxidermist. Sylar threatens to torture them in front of the injured agent he has captured. Sylar tortures Mary and Luke uses his heat powers (surprise, surprise) in an attempt to rescue her. Luke then uses his powers in front of his mother and kills the soldier. His mother is horrified, but Sylar leaves without killing anyone. Luke tries to follow Sylar, and Sylar takes him along when Luke admits that he knows the father's whereabouts. Sylar takes him in his mother’s car with a shade of Magneto and Pyro following in their midst.

Peter meets with Tracy in the woods. They waylay two different soldiers to steal their clothes. We learn the nature of Peter’s new ability: he can only hold one power at a time. Much more convenient for storytelling purposes. Tracy steals a phone and immediately sets out to try to be a deal maker: she offers to trade Peter to Nathan in charge for her freedom. Tracy’s double play plan goes back towards Nathan, but Peter gets in the way. Soldiers target both Peter and Tracy, but Peter steals Nathan’s power and flies away, while Tracy is dragged off by government goons.

Peter joins the other four and they begin to lay a plan: a plan of attack. Peter places himself as a leader: a leader in a war none of them (except Parkman) want to fight.

Back home, Claire receives a text message from someone named Rebel. Who Rebel is... we don’t know although Hana Gitelman could be a good guess.

We learn the phone call is to Angela Petrelli. Angela washes her hands of the situation and leaves Nathan in the able hands of his own government even as Nathan sacrifices Tracy to internment in the name of the “greater good”.

All in all, a very good episode. Even though I clearly see the X-Men vs the Brotherhood vs the government parallels in this storyline, for the first time it feels like Heroes isn’t just trying to be X-Men. The characters all act true to established form, even as Nathan pushes himself farther and farther in to the dark side.

One more episode to go to catch up. Stay tuned for that one soon.

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