Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shared Disappointment

Sorry about the lack of posts for the last week and a half! It’s been new baby time in the Ahlhelm household, and much time has been spent welcoming Vanessa Renae in to our living space! But I’m back with some more lovely postings starting today!

While I don’t always agree with our new President (give me a break on the stimulus package), I do have to agree with him on this news from The Onion:

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama expressed frustration Wednesday after members of his cabinet failed to recognize his allusion to the 24th issue of the comic series Savage Sword Of Conan during their first major meeting together.

Obama, whose upcoming challenges include organizing a massive effort to rebuild the nation's infrastructure, was reportedly unprepared for the confused silence he received upon suggesting that his cabinet "team up with Taurus of Nemedia" to secure the necessary funding from Congress.

"If my inner circle of advisers can't even communicate about the most basic issues, how are we going to tackle the massive problems our nation faces?" Obama said during a press conference. "When I tell my cabinet that getting bipartisan support is exactly like the time Conan got Taurus to help him steal Yara's jewel, they need to understand what I mean."

Read the rest of the article here.


Matthew K. said...

Congrats on the new addition! I heard somewhere that the Prez was something of a fanboy, and that Spidey was his favorite. I liked him a lot more when I heard that.

Katy said...

That's awesome.