Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super-Powered Comics: X-Men Noir #2

The three surviving X-Men, clearly Iceman, Henry McCoy, and Scott Summers, let Angel live. We learn what is made suspect in the first issue: that Chief of Detectives Eric Magnus is the true killer of Jean Grey.

Angel reveals the true mastermind behind Magnus and the rest of the city, a crime boss named Sebastian Shaw. Shaw sends his Chief of Detectives after the city’s Italian crime boss, one Unus the Untouchable even as Peter Magnus realizes his father is a criminal.

Angel tracks down Anne Marie Rankin (Rogue, for the uninformed), a former member of the X Men who reveals there is more to Jean Grey. She had a second beau in the bad part of town. A certain person who carried around a three prong icepick...

All in all, the story is coming together nicely, but I am becoming more and more unsure of why this book exists. I thought the Noir line would combine super-heroes with Noir settings. Instead it seems we’re getting a noir story featuring character names and likenesses taken from Marvel heroes. It seems like a tenuous connection for me at best. Mildly Recommended.

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Matthew K. said...

I was tempted to pick up a couple of these Noir titles, but didn't because of the "Why?" thing you mentioned. The concept seemed gimmicky. I might give the TPB a try if you highly recommend them.