Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heroes Season 3 Episode 14: A Clear and Present Danger

Heroes returns with “Fugitives” which begins with a bland, rather generic start. As Jessica watches an incredibly pointless TV interview about Nathan Petrelli and his poistion with Homeland Security, she is attacked and captured by a pair of G.I.’s who then call Nathan and tell them they have the “first”. Three minutes in and everything I feared from the commercials seem to be coming true.

Claire refuses to acknowledge Sylar’s death (at least, she’s regenerating a brain) and vows to hunt him down despite Angela’s protests. Claire learns that her mother and Nathan aren’t after Sylar... they want to round up heroes! Oh Noes!!! She learns that Parkman appears to be the first target.

Peter has problems at his new job as a paramedic when he realizes he can’t save everyone. This sadly makes him quite angry. Wow, Pete... time to get in touch with reality. You did a piss poor job saving anyone when you did have all your powers. Remember that girlfriend you erased from existence? Anyway Claire calls Peter. Peter goes to meet Angela and is picked up in a cab and has a brief chat with Mohinder (the driver). Mohinder’s next passenger draws a gun and tells him to drive. The gunman takes him to an ambush, but Mohinder uses his spider-powers to escape. Noah shows up to save Mohinder, starts to question him, but when they are cornered, Noah tases Mohinder and turns him over to the gunman.

Peter meanwhile meets with his brother. Nathan asks him to stay out of the way, Peter refuses, and Noah takes down Peter.

Hiro tries to make Ando in to a superhero, but Ando uses his new Ando-cycle to pick up chicks instead. He is on his headset talking to Hiro when Hiro is attacked (in Japan! Way to go American soldiers!) and captured. Ando uses the tracking chip that Hiro also has implanted to track him back to America.

The deceased African painter appears in Parkman’s apartment and names Parkman the next prophet. Parkman commences to use his new ability. Claire arrives at Parkman's house to warn him... only to both be downed by the government goons.

Sylar, alive and well of course, is in Baltimore, where he has finally hunted down his father. Only this guy isn’t actually his father. His unknown uncle is actually his father. (This is getting a little too soapy for me...) He arrives at the home of taxidermist Samson Gray, possibly his real father (unless his real father is actually his cousin’s father’s masseuse’s uncle’s roommate from college), but Samson isn’t there. He has walked in to another ambush, but despite four taser strikes, Sylar destroys his attackers quite easily. Bullets people, use bullets on Sylar!

Dad tries to free Claire at the shipping facility for the detainees, but she escapes the car, stows away on the departing plane, and frees Peter. Peter steals Mohinder’s powers (which he apparently has to do by touch now), and fights the soldiers. Claire frees the others from the juice that keeps them docile, then heads to the cockpit to take control. She finds her father as co-pilot. Not much comes of this, as Peter accidentally steals Jessica&8217;s power and uses it on the side of the plane. Depressurization occurs with an impending crash landing, and Peter only survives being thrown from the plane by a helping hand from Suresh. (No, I don’t know why he needs a helping hand. He can fly, he should have Claire’s healing abilities now... nothing about flying from a crashing airplane should do him much damage.)

The show ends with Mohinder holding Peter as the plane careens towards the earth.

Despite the dull opening and terrible ad campaign, I was actually impressed by the new direction. If the writers can avoid cliches (and hopefully with Jeph Loeb’s input limited, they can), Heroes actually has the potential to be good again. Hopefully, the fugitive angle we are heading towards doesn’t throw it all under the bus.

We can only wait to next week to find out...

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