Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.21: Into Asylum

Again, apologies for lateness. Heroes was a lot easier to watch in the days when my television actually got NBC. Hopefully, my internet will stick around so I can stay up with the love-hate next week.

We open with Claire and Nathan in Mexico, penniless and on the run. Nathan tries to win a drinking contest to pick up much needed cash, but it takes Claire’s powers to give the pair a win. Nathan once again vows to fix everything. When will he learn he isn’t particularly good at that? Nevermind, when sober, Nathan goes back to Nathan-mode 2: time to give up. Nathan is quickly jumping ahead of Mohinder in my please-kill-him-now bracket. Claire thought Nathan was amazing when they met? Was this when he and his mother were trying to ship her out of New York before the explosion? Or... ... ... Yeah, so they finish the episode heading north again.

Anyway, on to the episode’s other plot threads. Peter makes Angela take her to church as it is “where she’s supposed to be”. Angela is facing a lack of sleep which is eating away at her. Peter is back to whining, this time to God. I suppose I should respect him for taking it right to the top. Um, yeah, the government breaking in to a church would be a pretty big news story. Bigger than their crowd and press control could stop. Noah is the one who finds them hidden in a confessional and purposefully looks past them. Can we get a resolution to this Angela/Noah pact at some point? After finally dreaming, Angela decides they need to find Claire & Nathan, and then find Angela’s sister. Really, another Petrelli? That is some how going to help things?

Danko and Noah argue over an unknown power. After a threat to Noah, Danko has an unwanted sitdown with Sylar. Sylar offers Danko a deal: freedom in exchange for alliance. Sylar reveals that the killer Danko seeks is his own surviving man, actually a shape shifter. When did Sylar take on affectations and other characters? This smacks of the previous two volumes and their desire to change characters’ personality to the story’s whim. And why would Danko be willing to deal with Sylar when his irrational hatred for the more stable powers keeps him from working with them? That does not make sense in anyway. Not if his goal is to do everything in the most effective way possible. And if that isn’t his goal, what is it? Danko and Sylar trace Martin to his favorite bar, only to find the shape shifter disguised as Danko. The pair catch Martin after he runs, when Danko shoots Sylar in the gut. Danko stands aside and lets Sylar take Martin’s powers. Danko uses the shape-shifter’s body to fake Sylar’s death. The military guys seem to have very flexible outfits. Impressive how they can fit both Sylar and a woman half his size.

Wow, well, we have once again reached the point where the villain turns in to an absolute brain dead fool. This seems to be a symptom of every volume of Heroes and this is no exception. What exactly does Danko think he will be able to do once Sylar has gained every power in the damn universe? Does he think Sylar is going to let him put a bullet in the back of his skull? Or that Sylar will wander off to live his life in peace? What in the blue hell would possess anyone with Danko’s hatred of super-powers to trust the most dangerous of them all? This makes no damn sense. Okay, deep breath. We have three more chapters to go if my math is right. Maybe government agent Sylar vs the forty-seventh Petrelli will suck less than I expect. And here&8217;s hoping that with Fuller fully aboard and Loeb soon out, completely out of the loop that this kind of nonsense will soon stop.

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