Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 1.8: Needs

We open with Echo paying another visit to Ballard. Echo/Caroline comes on to Ballard, Mellie walks in, and this has to be a dream.

While the higher-ups meet and discuss the situation with the actives, the actives are actively having flashbacks. Not just Echo, but Sierra and Victor as well. And Caroline, not Echo, wakes up in her sleep chamber.

Everyone in the chamber wakes up with their original personalities but without their specific memories. That includes not just Victor and Sierra, but November and another male (Mike). And they are all more than a little confused about the nature of the Dollhouse.

Mike gets caught quickly, and treated. The four of them realize just what kind of danger they are in. But we learn that this is part of Dominic and DeWitt’s plan to test the house’s readiness.

Sierra begins to flashback to memories, but whether they are repressed or implanted, remains unsure. November remembers a daughter.

The others escape, but Echo remains to try to bring down the house. She cuts the power and confronts Topher.

Sierra confronts the man that set her up with the Dollhouse in the first place. He’s apparently a very rich man, that used his power to erase her original self in order to actually get her to have sex with him.

November learns that her beloved Katie, her daughter, is dead. Sierra and Victor realize they love one another. And at gunpoint, Echo forces DeWitt to lead all of the actives out of the facility. But as they leave, Echo drops to the ground. As do all the others. Apparently, their freedom came with a time limit.

Supposedly, this situation would serve to give them closure for their existing traumas. Traumas that were causing the glitches. But whether or not that is really the case remains to be seen.

Oh, and Caroline apparently made a phone call during her attempted escape... to Ballard.

I am actually a little angry at this week’s episode. After last week, this almost feels like a reset for the series. With a show that has as tenuous a series progression as this one, I am not sure if that is the best movie. I guess we will see next episode.

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