Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.23: 1961

“1961” opens with some more grave-digging. From there we move in to a flashback to 1961. All she gives us (outside of flashback) is that every member of her family died here. But even as she speaks the words, someone is watching them. But an argument about the need for the company causes Peter to leave.

Coyote Sands is apparently an internment camp for super-powered children visited by Angela and her sister Alice. We meet Charles Deveraux, Linderman, and another young male named Bobby Bishop. They begin to suspect something is not right, even as Angela tries to protect her sister... a sister with weather control powers.

Claire and Angela continue to talk, but they are struck by bursts of uncontrollable wind. Noah is caught in the storm and dragged away, by Suresh. Suresh and Noah discuss the elder Suresh’s time with the product.

In the flashback, Angela warns Chandar that he is going to be a murderer, serving as an analog for Nathan.

Angela goes outside to confront her sister. The wind dies down and in the aftermath, Angela is gone. Noah warns Suresh not to think the worst of his father... yet.

In the past, Devereaux pressures Angela to run without her sister, something Angela does not want to do. She agrees, and she lies to Alice about where she plans to go. In the present, Angela wakes up in a messy shack of some kind, filled with old papers and refuse. And she finds her sister’s old copy of Alice in Wonderland. And then she stands face to face with her sister.

In the past, Devereaux (who apparently is a telepath) tries to soothe Angela in a diner. In the present, Alice revealed that she stayed behind despite the death because of the lie told her by Angela fifty years ago: that she would safe as long as she stayed behind.

Back in the past, Alice refuses the shot. Her powers go haywire as she fights back. Suresh slaps her and her father uses his powers to fight back. From there the shooting begins and the powers die. And we learn exactly why Angela stole socks all those many episodes ago. Wow, that is some actual good writing by the folks at Heroes. Angela admits she lied that night, and Alice goes crazy. The sight of Mohinder pushes her farther in to her craze and she blasts him down. Angela tries to talk Alice down, telling her she has a family again. Alice refuses to listen this time and disappears in to the night.

In the aftermath, Peter gives Mohinder footage of the elder Suresh. Mohinder isn’t sure he wants to watch it, but he does know he doesn’t want to move on. He remains in Coyote Sands.

In the past, Angela reveals that she had dreamed of the company and the evil they would commit. The company began with her on that night. Nathan plans to go back to Washington and set things straight, but the episode ends with Nathan also on screen. It seems Sylar has taken the Senator’s place.

This is the episode that actually ties the mess of the previous three seasons in to some kind of coherency. It does very little to set up the end of this volume, but it does clear up a few problems left in the past. We will see what is left for volume four next week with “I Am Sylar”.

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