Thursday, April 16, 2009

Super-Powered Web: World Superhero Registry

You ever sitting around and realize “Dear God, the villains of the world are out to get me! Who can possibly save me now?”, this is the site for you.The World Superhero Registry offers a complete list of active superheroes around the world. And we’re not talking those fake guys in all the comic books, novels, tv shows, and movies. Oh no. Everyone of these men and women are real life heroes.

These brave individuals patrol their cities day and night to keep them safe for all forms of villainy. Outside of the several dozen heroes featured on the site (such as Nostrum, Angle Grinder Man, and Green Scorpion pictured here), the site also features FAQs, Interviews with real life heroes, hero-based organizations, hero support groups, a forum, a shop, links to the heroes’ pages, a dissertation on heroic philosphy, the webmaster’s blog, and and even an assistance request page.

It is all a little... different, but the site is no joke. These folks take their costumed heroism seriously, even through all the bad costuming and pretend super-powers. But you really cannot fault them for their love of community. We can all do worse than to want to keep our streets clean and safe. In tough economic times, it makes you feel good to see people willing to help, to look out for the fellow man, without need for government intervention or ridiculous stimulus packages.

Enjoy the site, take in the pure heroism, and someday maybe you too will decide that superheroing is the career path for you.

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