Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 1.7: Echoes

Apologies to my regular Dollhouse review readers as when I finally did get time to watch the show, I lost my at home internet connection. But I’m back now, and we have two episodes to cover, so let’s get to it! First up, “Echoes”.

We start with a flashback of Caroline talking to DeWitt, acting as an agent of the Rossum Company.

In the modern day, craziness comes to that same Rossum Building.... a link! Apparently, crazy drug is loose on the campus which could mean trouble.

Echo, as Alice, is meeting her boy-toy from the first episode again. Very odd. Is he asking for her, or is this DeWitt acting very, very strange?

Echo remembers the Rossum building (that she sees on TV) while her boy-toy is tied up. More repressed memories...

Boyd encounters one of the crazies, and Echo/Alice seems to be confused for one of them. The flashbacks continue. Alice and Sam, one of the initial victims, escape custody and move to break in to the facility. They get cut off by Boyd. She says no to a treatment, and Boyd begins showing signs of infection! Y’know, this magic skin-to-skin drug reminds me an awful lot of the disease from the old “Return of Optimus Prime” Transformers cartoons, where everyone in the universe became infected by a crazy disease, and only white-paint coated Optimus could cure them. So obviously what I am saying here is someone needs to break out the white paint. But I digress...

Dominic is also infected and now has a pension for playing with his gun. And apparently, so are DeWitt and Topher. So I guess this establishes who is a doll and who isn’t...

Oh, and Mellie, our test subject is actually infected as well... as the drug causes her memories from her previous activations to return.

DeWitt and Topher realize the original situation was a set-up, a murder. And it appears Sam is the perpetrator. He smothers Echo/Alice with a cloth covered with it.

So, in our flashbacks, Caroline was Dushku’s character from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Really? An animal rights activist? This is how she got involved with this? Anyway, apparently her flashback to Caroline and the death of her significant other Leo allows her to tackle and restrain Sam, long enough for Boyd to lay him out.

The episode ends with a sitdown between DeWitt and Sam... who may just be the newest active.

We are moving now, and I respect that. The status quo of the first few weeks has been thrown by the wayside and the plot and story are racing along... finally. Even with a plot lifted straight from an episode of a cartoon, the show worked well. That’s it for this installment, keep an eye out for a review of episode eight, “Needs” in a few hours.

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