Thursday, April 2, 2009

Living Legends 15 Notes

More on Dominique’s plans will appear very soon; this storyline will becoming to the forefront very, very soon.

Who is Starla Prince? Well, that will be a mystery now, won’t it. More will be answered as the secrets of all these characters continue to come out.

I debated as to how graphic I should make the sex in this chapter. I vacillated back and forth on it quite a bit for well over a week. But finally I decided that I needed to establish just how strong the feelings Isobel has for Lash are. And I already well established that I didn’t intend to aim this work at kids. So...

Silver Streak was another character who made his debut as a villain of the Claw. He actually first appeared in Silver Streak Comics, but not until the book’s third issue. Even then he was obviously not the character people wanted to see. What connection does this Silver Streak have to the past character? That will be revealed in good time.

Man, I am mysterious this month! Next month prepared to meet a few more cast members (I am almost done, I promise!) and learn a heck of a lot more about Claw and the Coward. Keep reading, ladies and gentlemen!

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Matthew K. said...

Really impressed with your writing output. I've checked out the MHP site, but I'm wondering if you've compiled all your work in a bound form, using or some such company.

It's great that you put your work out there at no charge, but IMHO there's no substitute for a nice little paperback copy. I would order a copy if priced around $10.

Also- as a newbie, I'm a little confused by the different sites and titles. I feel I need a flow chart for MHP, Living Legends, Super Powered Stories. I guess what I'm saying is- I don't know where to begin - Sort of like walking into the middle of a movie. If you'd rather reply via email, feel free-