Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.24: I Am Sylar

We open again with Nathan on television. We then flashback to eighteen hours later, back in Washington, as Sylar awakes in a different form. Sylar admits to Danko that he is losing himself, and he is unwilling to be a “nobody”. Sylar kills another victim and declares his nature as a living entity. Danko tells Sylar he needs something to connect him to his past. Sylar uses his federal clearing to get his mother’s belongings. Sylar then has a phantom conversation with his adoptive mother, as he transforms between his natural form and her.

Parkman tries to convince Hiro to give up the fight... that they have more to live for, as does he. But even though both Matt Parkmans leave, Hiro and Ando set out to bring down Building 26. FOr some reason, Ando doesn’t stop when they use themselves as bait for Building 26’s goons. But Hiro sets him up, lets him get hit by the darts, and replaces one of the guards. They try to sneak in, but instead have to use the GPS from a soldier’s cell after they are caught. They arrive at Building 26, but Hiro’s powers only cause a nose bleed.

The government corners Micah in a warehouse. Micah tries to convince Sylar to change sides. The words “You can save us all” stops Sylar in his tracks. Micah watches as he is shot on the pier... because Sylar has taken his place. Micah hides out in Sylar’s house and watches as Sylar has a self-conversation with his mother. But Sylar pushes Micah from his house with the threat that he will kill him if he sees Micah again. But Sylar mentions Nathan’s name as a suitable person to replace, an idea Sylar takes to Petrelli’s office. He again has a twisted self-talk. And mom’s words about becoming President seem dangerously close to coming true, as he takes Nathan’s form. He then goes on television just as we have already seen twice before.

Parkman takes the baby back to Janice, and wants to help her escape government surveillance. Parkman says he cannot escape with Janice; he has to stop the goons at the top level and end the entire situation. Parkman uses his powers to make his family invisible to the attackers.

Nathan sets out to stop the false Nathan from meeting the president. Peter follows. Nathan meets false Nathan in his office. The two have a heated conversation about the nature of the initiative. Before he can kill Nathan, Danko knocks the senator out. Sylar ignores Danko’s last request, and Danko stabs him in the back of the head. But Sylar gets back to his feet and pulls the knife from his head as the episode ends.

Once again it seems we have set ourselves up for a finale that is too busy. The sudden reemergence of Mohinder at tonight’s end seems to serve no purpose other than to add another face to the finale. But we will see how things come out as we hit “An Invisible Thread” next Monday. Does anyone else smell some Claude in the air?

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