Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.22: Turn & Face the Strange

Been busy watching and reviewing Wrestlemania, but I am still on track with a very early Wednesday morning update! Ha, I am finally getting ahead of schedule on this thing! Anyway, on to tonight’s episode.

Hiro and Ando are having their own problems with a baby that doesn’t want to go the same direction they are. Ando finds that he has to make an odd gremlin face in order to keep the baby happy and allow them to continue towards Washington.

At Building 26, Noah receives a visit from Sandra. So she knows where their base is but otherwise it’s a secret? Noah knows that the body isn’t really Sylar, and will take any risk to prove it. Like Parkman with Danko, Sylar wants his own revenge on Noah. But Sandra serves him with the divorce papers, and Noah doesn’t know how to respond. It is a lie though, as this Sandra is really Sylar. The signature on the divorce paper gives away Sylar’s shape shifting secret. But he thinks that the first Sandra is Sylar. But a phone call from Lyle saves her life before he can shoot. But it just serves to push his wife farther away from him. Noah, sans glasses, visits Danko’s office with a couple files. He implies he isn’t Noah, but instead Sylar. Danko walks right in to a trap, and Noah draws on him. Danko tells Noah the supposed secret identity of Sylar, but it is instead an innocent man, an innocent man that Noah killed. Noah is left on the run, just like the other heroes. After he leaves, the corpse recovers and transforms back in to Sylar.

Mohinder wants to flee, but Parkman is ready to go after Danko once and for all. Matt uses his powers to push Danko towards the person he most cares about. Danko visits a young foreign woman as Matt watches. After Danko leaves, Matt breaks in to her house and tries to force himself to kill her in return for Daphne’s death. Instead he sits down and has a chat with her, and learns she is actually an escort. Parkman tells Elena about Danko’s true life. Parkman still cannot kill her, but Hiro arrives in time to stop Danko from killing Parkman. Hiro introduces Matt to baby Matt, and in the process, gives Parkman something to live for.

Angela and Peter, Claire and Nathan, the compromised Noah, and even Suresh all are pointed towards a place called Coyote Sands. Angela and Peter are the first to arrive, followed shortly by Claire and Nathan. They start digging until Nathan finds a skull with a bullet in its head. But Angela reveals that they have only found the first. As Noah arrives, they uncover more and more skeletons... a mystery that will have to wait until next week and “1961”.

A good episode, coming back from some of the missteps of last week quite well. The shape-shifting nonsense is going to get old really fast, and will almost certainly be a game breaker just like Peter and Hiro’s old abilities. It reminds me a little bit of Dollhouse where you are always left to guess exactly who is real and who isn’t.

Next episode will clearly be another flashback: one that will apparently tell us the true, true, true origin of the powers. That sounds somewhat familiar... I’ll be back then, as volume four of Heroes nears its close.

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