Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Epsilon 25 Notes

The first story arc of Epsilon comes to an end!

Hey, it’s Isis! A dangling plot threat has been building with the introduction of multiple characters with mythological-inspired names in Epsilon and this comes to a head this issue. Not going to say much more, as the Avatars have a story of their own in development.

Isis and Nephthys’ battle played out a little quicker than I originally planned, but I think it’s effective. Despite her defeat, Nephthys’ influence on this series is far from over. We will learn far more of her plans when the series makes it return.

Pathway is only the first of Nephthys’ minions to fall in with our heroes. Three more of her Acolytes will find their way on to the team, but I will let it be a surprise as to who.

When I originally plotted out the twenty-five chapter structure of the Epsilon story, I planned for this to be the final issue. As can be seen by the ending with Mindset, I have more chapters of Epsilon planned. I plan on giving the book a couple month hiatus, but expect it back around mid-summer.

And when it does return, prepare for the arrival of El Oso Grande!

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