Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Powered TV: Heroes 3-18: Exposed

Parkman and Peter argue about their current strategy. They get a convenient message from Rebel to put them on the right track. He also warns them to run and get out before the government agents arrive. Peter takes Parkman’s powers and they work together to slip past everybody in the government’s main base. Meanwhile, someone is hacking in to the system. Danko runs in to the hall, only to be stopped by his own mind-controlled soldiers. Rebel opens a video archive for them while inside the facility. Rebel shuts down the facility (including a fire alarm that disrupts their abilities... thereby giving Parkman a new weakness!)

Sylar and Luke are still on the trail to Sylar’s father. They stop at a broken down business called Big Jim’s. Sylar begins to have a flashback to 1980 when he walks inside the bar. He loses a toy car in the mantle work, and finds it inside. Sylar watches his father cut open a young woman, his mother, as he abandons him as a child. Yup, same powers. Sylar threatens Luke and slams him against the wall. But again, Sylar keeps Luke alive.

Nathan meets with Angela, who swears that she is not Rebel. Angela continues to mock her own son’s folly in his current actions.

Danko continues to be a loose cannon of sorts, and Nathan now has trouble reigning him in. Danko refuses to deal with Peter’s demands and instead makes plans to attack. Noah warns Peter mentally, but he takes a gunshot anyway. Peter falls, only to be caught by Nathan before he falls to his death. At mom’s penthouse, Nathan tries to convince Peter to give up. Instead, Peter steals Nathan’s power and flies away. Angela then whispers something in to Nathan’s ear. Oooh, mysterious!

Claire tries to send Alex to Albuquerque, but Alex doesn’t want to go. Unfortunately, Mom and Mr. Muggles stumble upon her hidden hero. Claire finds herself backed in to a corner and tells Mom about Alex’s powers. Mom points out that Claire is under surveillance. Alex and Claire have a romantic moment before Alex has to hide. Mom and Lyle distract the goons while Claire and Alex escape out the back door. They hide in a pool, where Alex gives Claire oxygen with an overly passionate kiss. Claire and mom have a brief heart to heart, but when Claire goes downstairs she walks face to face with the Puppet Man. Wasn’t he dead? Is Sylar just getting lazy now?

Peter releases the video to the public as Danko watches on in anger. Danko, in turn, straps a pile of explosives on to Parkman’s chest, drugs him, and drops him in front of the White House... just as Parkman’s visions showed him.

A lot happened this episode, but it makes me a little sad after complimenting the focus of the last few weeks to see the hodge-podge of this week. Rebel becomes an even bigger player this week. The only question is whether or not the mystery person is Micah... or Micah and Hana Gitelman. And so help me if they kill Parkman... so help me!

On to next week, where I should be back closer to on schedule. Thanks for reading!

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