Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Powered TV: Heroes 3-17: Cold War

This week we get a little background on the plot to drug Noah and we learn that the main purpose is to weaken his will and allow Parkman to read his mind.

In black and white, five weeks ago time, Angela and Noah discuss the shut down of Primatech. It seems that Angela simply has given up the need for the company. Four weeks ago, Noah is uncomfortable as a homebody. Nathan pays him a visit at his house & offers him a place in the government project in exchange for Claire’s freedom. Three weeks ago, Noah visits Building 26 for the first time and learns the new plan is to only capture and contain, not to use the powers on their team. He also learns that he is not the lead man; Danko is his new superior. Noah then tries to recruit Mohinder as an ally. One week ago, Noah pays a visit to Danko at home (complete with some terrible Dell product placement). Not much of a meeting, but it does show a certain address...

Danko gets worried that Noah has been compromised... as well as questioning Nathan’s loyalty to the project.

Peter, Suresh, and Parkman are at each other’s throats over the interrogation. Peter goes to check out the storage unit Parkman saw in Noah’s mind. Peter finds the arms locker, but is unaware that he is on surveillance at the government facility (which is apparently located near Costa Verde oddly enough). Peter hits his would-be attackers with a flash-bang grenade and flies for it. Meanwhile, Suresh and Parkman get in to each other’s face over Suresh working with Noah. Noah uses the distraction to escape. But Peter returns in time to stop him. With address in hand, Peter makes the decision to go after Danko. Danko returns home to find a gun pointed at his head. Nathan arrives to try and stop Peter. He tells Peter that Suresh and Parkman are in trouble, and Peter runs to their rescue. Parkman prepares to kill Noah, but Noah swears that Daphne is still alive and captured. He enters Noah’s mind to confirm the truth. The soldiers bring Suresh down outside as the hunt for the fugitives’ hotel room continues. They bring Parkman down and drug him. But they are hit by another flash bang... and Peter flies away with Parkman.

Suresh is secured inside Building 26 where Nathan informs him of the plans to confine and eliminate powers. But Nathan uses the threat of wholesale murder to try to convince Mohinder of working for them in the elimination of powers.

Noah and Danko agree that they must solidify the increased attack on the heroes. Noah then sits down with Angela, where we learn that he is the double agent he seemed to be on chapter one of Fugitives... and that Angela is a bigger player than we think.

We end with Parkman’s newest paintings... him strapped with explosives and the White House in flames...

I am vastly enjoying this season’s ability to focus on one aspect of the story at a time. It is refreshing to see one major and one minor story being the focus rather than the five or six threads of previous seasons. It helps the over-all focus and tension that this season is building towards. On to this week’s episode!

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