Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 1.4: Gray Hour

I am going to drop large amounts of the plot synopsis this week, and instead try to focus on the show as an overall. So consider this a relatively spoiler free zone.

We open the show with Echo serving as a midwife. No reason why, but we will assume it has a purpose. We get in to why Echo, Victor, and Sierra spend so much time together. We also learn that DeWitt has a superior.

More sexy clothes for Echo. I would complain about the blatant attempts at sexualizing the character. But I am a man, and I find Ms. Dushku very, very hot. I mean look at the ad banner I picked out for the show. Shameful of me, but oh so true.

Our plot revolves around a break-in in to a high security building during what is called a gray hour. I am a little confused by this new personality as she apparently feels that two inch heels are “comfy shoes”. We are apparently out to steal previously stolen art. But it is another setup, and somehow Echo’s brain pattern is wiped by a phone message. Which of course brings in Sierra. They implant Sierra with the same programming and set her out to free the others. Sierra tries to help them escape, but Echo can’t really keep up. We then go in to a rather generic standoff/rescue scenario with Langdon.

Victor and the injured Ballard have a less than important heart-to-heart. And theories about Alpha again emerge in the aftermath of Echo’s wipe. And again Echo seems to be having flashbacks of previous events.

Not much happened this week. It’s always a danger of story’s with tight meta-plots, but for a show in edgy water like Dollhouse, we need a little more every week than what Joss and company seem to be giving us. At the current rate, I can’t help but feel their endangering their chances of ever getting to the end of this saga.

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