Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.20: Cold Snap

Ha, Wednesday! I am almost back on time with the Heroes reports!

We are back from a week off and we open with a ridiculous long sequence of Danko washing up and shaving, only to have his alarm go off. Danko finds the Puppetman gift wrapped for him. What is Sylar’s motivation for helping Danko?

Noah and Angela meet one another again. Angela tells Noah to capture Rebel in an attempt to get on Danko’s good side. Impressively, Noah apparently gets back to Washington (that is where Building 26 is right, or does it just exist in a Negative Zone between all cities on the show) in the time it takes Angela to drive across town. Anyway, a prescient dream allows her to escape an attack from the government. Angela meets with friend Millie to get money and aid. Angela gets chased in to a hotel where Peter arrives just in time to save her.

Hiro and Ando think baby Matt Parkman is in fact a de-aged Matt Parkman. Of course, because Hiro is still an idiot. Baby Matt can apparently power devices just by touching them. Hiro and Ando have a poignant moment while talking about Hiro’s mother. Janice returns home just as they prepare to leave. Hiro and Ando try to convince Janice that they are here to help. When the government arrives to take the baby, Ando learns how to channel his power in to an attack form... and Hiro regains his powers to stop time with baby Matt in hand. But he can no longer teleport. Good way to give him abilities again without making them story-killers like they were before. Why didn’t he rescue Janice too while time was stopped? Either way, they set out to find the elder Matt Parkman.

Rebel once again causes problems for the Building, as he shuts off the heat lamps and unlocks Tracy’s door. She frees Parkman and Suresh, who take Daphne and make a run for it. But Tracy abandons the others and meets Noah in a dressing room. Noah wants Tracy to give up Rebel, and tries to make a deal with her. Rebel sets up the money and the trip for Tracy, and then Tracy is followed by Micah. Surprise (if you haven’t watched the show ever before)! Micah makes contact with Tracy, who reveals that he is Rebel. Tracy regrets setting him up, and Micah uses his abilities to attempt an escape. When cornered in a parking garage, Micah sets off the sprinklers while Tracy uses her powers to freeze the rain and everyone and everything in the room, including herself. Danko proceeds to shoot ice Tracy, leaving her shattered and on the floor. But even in pieces of ice, she still blinks. Yep, we got some Iceman powers in the works.

Matt takes Daphne to a hospital, where he convinces everyone that she is Gwen Stefani in order to hide out. But why doesn’t anyone recognize Matt? Daphne tries to break up with Matt and leave, and despite his best arguments, she runs away. Parkman chases down Daphne in Paris, but Parkman shows he can fly... so who is he really? But it all a dream inside Daphne’s head given to her by Matt as she dies at the hospital.

And Peter asks his mother what their next move will be...

All around, a good episode. We have upped the ante, moved forward hard, and started towards an endgame for the season. With Daphne and Tracy (maybe) dead, the heroes are teetering on the edge. And the total lack of Claire, and for the most part, Peter served to focus the show on the players that really need to become the future of the show. Be back here next week as Heroes goes “Into Asylum”.

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