Thursday, March 5, 2009

Living Legends 14 Notes

Welcome to Riccapoor! The island nation is going to pay a big part in the next few chapters as the battle with the first of our big bads kicks in to high gear!

Luna St. Claire makes her return this month. She remains as cryptic as ever, and I like her that way, but as we close on the continued reasons why the Legends are being hunted, we will learn more and more about her.

Isobel meets Lash, the only man she ever loved. Too bad he doesn’t feel quite the same way. More next month.

The return of another big name from the Golden Age, one who I have been planning literally for months. I strongly considered Daredevil as one of the original heroes of the piece, but ultimately replaced him do to the issue of his name. But I knew that I would have to find away to rename him and bring him back in to the fore-front eventually. He is just far too amazing a character to leave dormant. AC Comics turned him in to Reddevil, Alter Ego turned him in to Double Dare, but he is probably most recognizable to modern comic readers as Dynamite Comics’ Death-Defying ’Devil. And while I appreciate the take Alex Ross and Joe Casey have taken with the character, I think they lose a lot of what originally made Daredevil cool. I want to channel his golden age near-insanity while still updating him for a modern audience. (Erik Larsen’s upcoming use of the character, again!, may have the same feel though. He seems to have a real eye for the golden age. But I digress...)

So... meet the Coward! Expect big things from him in upcoming chapters of Living Legends.

As always, check out every chapter of the story at MHP!

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