Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 1.6: Man On the Street

Back from a long weekend off and here we are, folks. Episode 6, the game changer.

We get a few big hints as we open. After a brief opening that shows us even the man on the street knows a little about the Dollhouse, Ballard traces the case back to his least favorite agent, Tanaka, (the thorn in his side from the first episode) who worked her disappearance. And it seems the other agent knows more than he is letting on. Ballard tracks down his links to the Dollhouse to an internet millionaire named Joel Miner (strangely played by Patton Oswalt).

Someone’s had sex with Sierra. Sounds like an adult nursery rhyme, but it a reason for concern between Langdon, Dr. Claire Sanders, and Sierra’s handler Hearn. But what to do about it remains an area of contention.

Since I’m pretty sure that Ballard isn’s Alpha, I am sure that his neighbor has to be. Why not? Why wouldn&8217;t the Dollhouse, if they know about Ballard, plant agents all around him.

His illegal visit to Miner allows him to meet an unexpected guest: Hi, Echo! See, things are coming together!

Langdon escapes thanks to Miner’s security, but Miner is left with a very angry Ballard.

Hearn’s the real bastard, surprise, surprise. He was presented as not a good person, so of course, he was raping an active.

The Dollhouse sends Echo after Ballard, while Ballard gets more intimate with his neighbor. Ballard goes to get dinner afterward, and runs headlong in to raving mad Echo. We proceed in to one of the longest fight scenes I have ever seen on television. Seriously, I’ve seen Hong Kong action flicks with shorter fight sequences than this one.

Hey, this is bigger than we thought. Echo was reprogrammed specifically to give DeWitt that information. Apparently, DeWitt’s Dollhouse is only one of many different Dollhouses around the country. Ballard finds out Mellie is in trouble from Echo. But a message on Mellie’s answering machine, activates her programming. Yep, saw that one coming. Hearn dies and Mellie doesn’t even know how she did it.

The incident with Echo ends Ballard’s time with the FBI, but not without him having at least one ally in place.

The only major piece still left unaccounted for is Alpha. Spoilers online have already revealed his identity however for anyone who cares. I won’t ruin it for anybody who does not know.

The real question I am beginning to develop with the introduction of different types of programming on the show, and the revelation that there are as many Dollhouses as there are, is who else is an active. Can the world realistically have as many ubergenius neuro-programmers as Topher? Or is Topher just another active? And that just opens up the field for how many other cast members to be the same.

Needless to say, this episode finally brings a lot of the disparate plot points together. If the show runs like usual Joss, that means things will only continue to heat up as we build to the season finale. Let’s hope the show gets a chance to shine all the way through to it.

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