Friday, March 13, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.19: Shades of Gray

Petrelli tries to talk down Parkman, only to learn that Danko is more involved than ever before. Danko tries to activate the bomb, but the access is blocked (by Rebel, we will assume). Nathan helps Parkman use his powers to escape, then decks him. Can this idiot make up his mind where he wants his own initiative to go? In the aftermath, Nathan and Danko become clearly antagonistic. Nathan convinces Tracy to help him throw Danko off the trail of his own powers.

Gabriel Gray meets his father and threatens his life, only to learn he is already dying of cancer. Sylar and dad discuss the morality of the kill. We get a taxidermy lesson in the process. Sylar shows dear old dad his healing powers. Dad doesn’t take it quite the way Sylar expected. But dad is just playing dumb, and knocks Sylar for a loop. Sylar breaks free, and his dad begs him to give his power up. Failing that, dad begs for a quick death. Sylar leaves him to die slowly of his cancer.

Noah gives Danko mis-information... that Angela is the flyer that saved Peter. Danko pays a visit to Angela at dinner. Angela brings up Danko’s own dark past in answer to his questions. Nathan returns with Danko’s pink slip. Nathan promptly names Noah his replacement. Danko attacks Nathan, pushes him out a window, and Nathan flies away.

Eric Doyle the Puppetman begs Claire for help, but she reacts with only fear. He leaves. Claire decides to try for Alex’s old job at the comic shop, to use it as a cover while she helps the people sent to her by Rebel. Rebel sends her another message, that the agents have cornered Doyle. Claire reluctantly goes to his aid. Claire gives Doyle a new identity as Jason something-or-another, all set up by Rebel. In the aftermath (and the aftermath of the Nathan incident), Rebel sends Claire a message that she has lost her free pass. But when the agents arrive, they find her gone... rescued by Nathan...

Hiro and Ando reach California to save Matt Parkman, only to learn it is a baby. Yeah, Matt’s ex is finally back! Wondered when we would get to that...

Danko returns home to find Sylar’s stuffed rabbit in his home as Mohinder oddly returns with a voice-over. Sigh, I thought we might have been done with those. Sylar lies in wait to attack as the show ends.

Balance shift with this episode. It looks like Noah may end up as the head of the whole Building 26 crew, with Danko and Nathan both on the outs. Whatever the case, this storyline feels like it cannot have that much more play to it. Will we get volume five yet this season, or do they actually have a plan to stretch this storyline another six episodes? The Rebel bit is getting old as well. Give us Micah and/or Hana already. Most people have figured this out by now I would think. And finally, this show is in desperate need of some new blood. A few deaths or disappearances coupled with a new character or two (it would be nice to see Echo incorporated in to the show) would really help the show out. And finally, what the fuck happened to Molly? That kid seriously disappeared off the face of the earth.

Back next week with “A Clear and Present Danger”. Will Harrison Ford guest-star?

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