Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 1.5: True Believer

No new Heroes this week, don’t know what’s up with that, but at least I have Dollhouse to review.

The episode opens with some kind of peaceful compound folks who sing a lot and don’t actually speak. They only sing as they move around the city. One of them apparently needs saving, lovely.

Oh, our client is a senator. A senator really concerned about this compound, because it’s an election year. Not buying that any senator would want to get involved in a politically disastrous situation like thus....

Wow, someone actually calls that Echo’s situation is off the rails. Poor Dominic may be an ass, and pretty much guaranteed to die, but at least he calls it like it is.

We are making Echo blind so that she can have a camera in her head. Really, Joss? Really?

Does anyone else find Topher insanely annoying? I pray that when something seriously bad happens on this show, he dies a painful death. Doubt it, but it would be nice.

So is Millie, the girl across the hall, Alpha? I doubt it. I still think it’s Ballard.

Victor has a thing for Sierra. Really, is this necessary? Or is this just proof that this show has a couple too many cast members?

The law enforcement agent is of course crazy and obsessed with his foe. Obsessed so much that he rigged the entire situation so he could have the stand-off. And of course, the crazies in the cult try to burn themselves down. Way to avoid stereotypes, guys.

Where are the children in this cult? What kind of cult doesn’t have children to harm and abuse like the psychopathic predators and child molesters they are? Wouldn’t it be nice if the cultists weren’t a bunch of crazies?

Really, Dominic is going to try and off Echo now? Really? Really? How the hell does this guy get away with a clear flaunting of his own authority.

How is this ATF agent not getting called on his idiotic, anti-climactic behaviors? And why did he stonewall Ballard? If he was really angry at Landgon, why not give him up?

I fear Dollhouse is in danger of going seriously off-track. The Dollhouse seems to have far too many people with far too many agendas for anything as clearly effective as it supposedly is to have succeeded. DeWitt’s leadership seems questionable at best, and her agents have far too many agenda for this venture to ever succeed.

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